Saving The Animals Together

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The Tigers Of Our World Depend On Us!

Everyday more and more tigers along with other exotic animals are being slaughtered for their body parts. We have less than 3200 tigers left in all the wild. There are only estimated to be 2800 in captivity and with that low of numbers the tigers will be extinct soon if we don't do two things.

* Start putting more effort behind saving the environment that which they live in, and we can do this by not using products that come from the countries of which they live.

* Captive breeding in professional zoos and facilities is the only way we will save the species for ever. We call it the Noah's Ark effect, By keeping the bloodlines as pure as we can by breeding select tigers in captivity we will be able to one day release them back to the wild, if the human population does not completely take over the environment of which they need to go back to.

For now we must help save the animals that are in need of being rescued or re-homed to comfortable places such as the The Garold Wayne Zoo. We need your help in order to fund such a project. Some animals are very abused and some are just victims of the poor economy and need a fresh start. This takes money and lots of it to build comfortable compounds for the animals to live out their lives.

Come the park at


Jalo is a tiger that came from Texas and had been beat in the face to the point her orbit socket had been broken so bad that the bone and the eye all had to be removed. If you would like to help us stop this abuse and place animals like this in our care, Please donate to this cause and help the The Garold Wayne Zoo keep saving animals.


This lion came into the The Garold Wayne Zoo completely unable to stand or walk due to a lack of proper vitamins and diet. She is 11 years old. And with the love and care she has received at our park, she is now up and healthy. It is the animals like this that need you and us to care about their continued care. Please help us out.

Please visit our friends at Tiger Safari